The Board of Selectmen functions as the town’s executive branch and as the agent to carry out the actions of the town’s legislative branch, the town meeting.

The Selectmen handle all assessing information and questions: the deeds, assessing cards, maps, abatements, current use, tax exemptions, tax credits, timber, excavation, address changes, ownership changes and tax warrants, refunds. The also handle building permits, health issues, public welfare and the prudential affairs of the town.

The term of office for the Selectmen is for three years from the date of the March Town Meeting.

Current Selectmen and Term Ending Date

Bart Cushing  2024 Chairman

Vicki Ayer 2023   

Clem Lounder 2022 

Meetings are Held

Every Monday at 6pm until the close of business
at the Gilsum Library 650 Route 10, Gilsum, NH, 03448

Minutes of meetings are kept at the town hall for public inspection. 

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