Residents of Gilsum 

Exciting news!! Construction on the Fidium (CCI) Gilsum fiber optic upgrade has started!! We will get regular progress updates every 2 weeks. In the map provided below you can see that there are three areas in different colors and there are three construction phases that need to be completed before installations can start: Fiber Placement, Splicing, and Testing.  Fidium (CCI) will provide us with updates for each colored area and the percentage complete in each phase.  Work can also be done simultaneously within those areas, so Fidium (CCI) won’t have to wait for all areas to be complete before they begin the next phase. So just because the trucks leave your area and you see fiber cables on the poles, understand there’s still a lot more work to do. 

Fidium (CCI) is currently projecting that they will begin to connect subscribers (actual installation of high speed internet) in approximately 10-12 weeks. This means that we’ll start seeing high speed service by mid-late June. PLEASE NOTE this is approximate. Fidium (CCI) has done a lot of work to mitigate any risk (such as stockpiling 1,000,000 feet of fiber optic cable) but like any construction project, there are variables, weather, labor shortages etc. Remember there is no installation fee, and no commitment, so you can sign up and then change your mind later. 

We will keep you updated!! Here is the dedicated Gilsum sign up page to sign up for information (eventually you will be able to pre-order), and information on pricing, phases of construction, products, etc.

As always feel free to email, message or call me with any questions. cell 603-762-4770 town office 603-357-0320

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