The members of the Conservation Commission are appointed by the Board of Selectman. The current members are:

  • Janine Mar Chairperson 2022 email;
  • Ralph Jernberg 2023
  • Bart Cushing 2024
  • Peter Grannuchi 2024
  • Chip Chapman 2024
  • Vacant please call 357-0320 to volunteer
  • Vacant please call 357-0320 to volunteer

What the Conservation Commission Does: As authorized by NH State Law RSA 36-A, members volunteer their time to study and protect the natural resources of our town by:

  • conducting research into town land and water areas
  • maintaining an index of all open space and natural, aesthetic or ecological areas … all marshlands, swamps and other wetlands
  • developing long-term plans and strategies for the protection of important places and habitats, be it environmental, historical or public safety
  • providing educational programs & hikes
  • working to identify and permanently protect land
  • managing city and town lands for timber production, recreation and wildlife
  • advising other boards on the importance of the town’s natural resources
  • working with the state’s Department of Environmental Services to provide local comment on wetland permits and other local concerns as it relates to environmental issues
  • coordinate with unofficial bodies or other conservation groups organized for similar purposes
  • keeping accurate records of meetings and actions

Minutes are required. Because a conservation commission is a public body, it must comply with RSA 91-A, the Right to Know Law, which requires public meetings, posting of meeting notices, and timely availability of minutes. Minutes are posted at the town hall.


Meetings held as needed, check calendar on this website or

call Janine at 313-1962


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