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Olivia Rodriguez


Open office hours    Mondays 2:00-6:00

Welcome to Gilsum Assessing, where we take pride in providing comprehensive and accurate information for all your property assessment needs. Our dedicated Select Board is here to assist you with a wide range of services, including deeds, assessing cards, maps, abatements, tax exemptions, and more. Whether you have questions about current use, tax credits, timber, excavation, or need assistance with address or ownership changes, our knowledgeable team is ready to help. With our expertise in property tax assessment, including regular revaluations and recertification, we ensure a fair and transparent process. Contact us today to experience the reliable, efficient, and trusted assessing services that Gilsum, New Hampshire has to offer.

Questions, inquiries, concerns should be directed to the Select Board through their Administrative Assistant.  The Administrative Assistant will assist where possible or re-direct issues where necessary.


Current Select Board and Term Ending Date


Bart Cushing,  2024 Chairman – cell: 603-313-9970

Clem Lounder, 2025 – phone: 603-357-4397 – email:

Brian J. Bazarnicki, Sr., 2024 – cell: 603-762-8744 – email:

Meetings are Held Every Monday at 6pm until the close of business

Gilsum Library
650 Route 10
Gilsum, NH 03448

Minutes of meetings are kept at the town hall for public inspection.

Draft Minutes from recent meetings can be found online.