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Planning Board

The Planning Board meets the  2nd Thursday of each month at 7:00pm in the Gilsum Public Library.

The members of the Planning Board are appointed by the Select Board. The current members are:

      • Vicki Ayer 2025 – Chairman
      • Heidi Bukoski 2026
      • Tom Julius 2025
      • Carol Ogilvie  2025 – alternate
      • Brian Bazarnicki 2025 – ex-officio
      • Bill Whyte 2027
      • Phillip Hitchcock 2027
      • Vacant contact Select Board

The planning board is an organized group of selected members from the community in charge of carrying out the future needs, wants, and visions of a community. This is accomplished through the planning board’s regulatory and non-regulatory functions, which include the creation of regulations (Regulatory Function) and the review of development applications (Non-Regulatory Function). To learn more about the duties of the Planning Board, follow this link

to The Planning Division in New Hampshire, Office of Strategic Affairs

Meeting Minutes are posted at the town hall.

2022 Tax Maps

Fee Schedule

Effective 11/7/22

Abutter notification $12.50

Newspaper Notice $200.00

All other fees remain as printed.

Planning Board Minutes