The Gilsum Conservation Commission

The Gilsum Conservation Commission meets on the first Wednesday of every month at 6:00 pm in the library.

It consists of seven members appointed by the Select Board:

      • Peter Granucci, Chair (2026)
      • Jack Munich, Secretary (2025)
      • James “Chip” Chapman (2024)
      • Andrew Chapleau

We have one available seat on the Commission. If you’d like to join our team, please contact one of our members!

Conserving our natural resources
for wildlife and humans

As authorized by NH State Law RSA 36-A, members volunteer their time to study and protect the natural resources of our town by:

Conducting research into local land and water areas;

Maintaining an index of all open space and natural, aesthetic, or ecological areas in town;

Maintaining an index of all marshlands, swamps, and other wetlands.

These resources allow the Commission to:

Develop long-term plans and strategies for the protection of Gilsum’s natural resources and Town properties;

Provide outreach and education on Gilsum’s natural resources, conservation goals, and conserved lands for residents, town committees, the Ashuelot River Local Advisory Committee, and the NH Department of Environmental Services.

The Surry Mountain Preserve, Gilsum’s largest unfragmented forest

Meetings held on Wednesday nights at the Gilsum Public Library as needed

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Gilsum Wetlands & Wildlife