Gilsum Transfer Station

Run by Monadnock Disposal Service, Inc. 603-532-8088 Location: Lounder Road (off of Surry Road) in Gilsum, location map Hours of Operation: Saturday 8:00-4:00 Household Trash: All trash is disposed of in the compactor must be enclosed in a Town of Gilsum trash bag. Bags may be purchased $3 each or buy a roll of 10 for $30, payable by check and can be purchased at Transfer Station. Please make checks payable to Monadnock Disposal Service, Inc. No cash will be accepted at the transfer station. Non town trash bags disposal fee is $4-$6 depending on size Recyclables: No charge for any of the recyclables. The Gilsum Transfer Station recycles glass, plastic bottles (#1 and #2 only), tin and aluminum cans which can be mixed together and disposed of in the appropriately marked dumpster. Mixed paper (including cardboard and corrugated) have separate dumpster and a third dumpster is provided for scrap metal.
Non-Town Trash Bag Disposal Black trash bags $4-$6 depending on size Furniture and Appliances

Fridge/freezer/AC unit $35 Sofa/couch/love seat $30-$50 depending on size Mattress or box spring $20 TV/computer monitor $15 Stove/dish washer etc. $15 Recliner/large chair $20

Construction/bulk waste

Construction/demolition waste $30 per cubic yard Roofing shingles / drywall $70 per cubic yard


Car tire $6 Car tire with rim $8 Truck tire up to 22″ $20 Truck tire up to 22″ w/rim $25 Tractor tire $50 Loader tire $100

Propane Tanks

5lb $2 20lb $15 40lb or larger $50